55( Hey you all here a sneak peek of my new book coming out soon. Sorry about the lack of editing hope you enjoy !!!! ) . As I opened the car door my feet stepped upon the cold, wet grass tingling in between my toes. the bright yellow light shining into my eyes blocking the view of your face, as your hand reached for mine I felt sparks of your touch upon my hand. Suddenly ice-cold feeling hit my face quickly i opened my eyes and sat straight up, looking up to see my father stand over me with a bucket of cold water and finding my self soaking wet. ” Girl, get your ass up already and out of this house , you know the rules” he told as he left the room shutting the door behind himself. What he meant by “rules” was it doesn’t matter what day is it or holiday we are supposed to be out of the house between 10 am and 5 pm everyday. What a stupid rule you may think?! yes it is. My father runs a his own porn business in the house during the day and his way of keeping his kids out-of-the-way and out of the business is by kicking them out everyday. It wasn’t long before I was ready to head out into the cold December weather. Before I knew it I found my self standing in the kitchen waiting on my hot pocket to finish cooking. To find my self staring at two young lady around my age of about 20, completely naked in our front room. it was now five past ten quickly i grasped my hot pocket and darted out the door. ” Sis, normal you’re the first one out the door by now.” said my brother Mace , leaning against the tree in our front yard. ” Yeah, well sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be a little slow every once in a while.” I said as I toke another bite out of the hot pocket looking over at our drive way. ( continued)  (UPDATED PART 2 ) hoping my best friend would come and save me. ” So sis, I hear Albert been seeing that girl Jessica. Jealous much?” Mace said as he brushed back his long black wave hair, showing off his dark green eyes and tan skin. ” First off his name Al and second why would I care, we only been friends seen the 1st grade.” tossing my napkin to my hot pocket onto the so-called yard. It didn’t help that the yard was already destroyed the grass had dried up years ago and never came back along with the house slowly falling apart the old yellow paint piling off even more than the day before . And the roof top held together by patch jobs the brother and I tried to make nice but still leaked every once in a while. Our mother had left us for another man about five years ago , I didn’t blame her than and I still don’t. our mother was always there for us when we were younger and always “tried” to keep in touch but that came down to every 6 months with a very long message of her travels in our Facebook account. My brother and I are only a year apart but as related we may be we never have looked alike at all. with his dark wave hair and green eyes with dark tan skin he made me look even more not related standing next to me.I have always had light brown hair with carmal eyes and my skin was just a normal pink/ white color. but my mother  and father swear up and down we are related . When it all came down to it we were both fine our life isn’t perfect nor bad. ” Hey Sophia , here come your boy toy Albert am outta here.” Mace said as he got into his 1994  Mercedes that mom had left him and drove off. Albert pulled up in his black jeep but this time as he pulled into the drive way he didn’t wave. He just pulled in staring straight ahead with a complete serous face on I hadn’t seen before. As I got into the car ,he stuff was in the back sit everything he owned it wasn’t much but it was something. ” What going on?” I said as I looked back in the back sit scooping everything out.
” Sop, am leaving town I can’t be here anymore.” Al told as tears fail down his face as he held the steering wheel tighter in his hands. ” Albert why? what going on?” putting my hand on top of his. Slowly his face turned facing me with falling tears on his face making his bright blue eyes shine, with short brown hair and pale skin  he said. ” Last night my parent’s never came home. . . . . . . .  you remember what they told us years ago?”

” yeah they said if they never came home for us to leave town and not to stop , to tell me parent the word ” Lithium”. but Al, I thought it was just a joke.” looking up at him with confusion ,concern what will happen next.



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