Valentine day add’s up to love? or just your self.


So valentine day is just around the corner and it brings up love,life, flower’s , chocolate, teddy bear’s. But besides all the amazing thing’s you may or may not receive you should know your not the only ! February drives all the love birds nut’s. What to do? how to do it? what to wear? blah blah blah blah loads of questions going through our little brain’s about valentine’s day. So the big question is their true love in your relationship. With the best relationship I find if you can completely be your self and actually smile your true smile without even realizing it , you might have a great thing. Now a lot of people believe in ” The one” or ” Love of my life ” I personal think we have a love for the time, whether the time is short or long that is unknown . Just like ” The One ” people may clam but it hasn’t really be proved there is only one person for you . BUT, there is still lots of hope friendship is one of the most powerful relationship feeling’s we have. There are quit a few of people who end up/ or realize the one for them could be sitting right next to them. One of the best thing’s about having a relationship with your best friend or a good friend is that we /you have already toke the time out to get to know each other and you don’t have to start new with someone else. It nice to know someone so good that , you know for sure your life is safe in their hands. Having a best friend like that is also like having your other have safe and sound with them for safe keeping. BUT, all of this all depends on you . No future telling can tell you whom you should be with or not all of this comes down to a gut feeling .

For those who are single perhaps it another lonely valentine’s day at home. But think of the bright side if you are lucky you wont have to go through the valentines break up time frame . ( getting broken up with around valentine period ) instead work on your self, watch a movie you been dyeing to see. Or try doing your makeup with you see those amazing artist wear. And also remember it may not be your time yet, but your time will come ( I hope!) and when it come’s don’t let it go unless it just isn’t meant to be. Remember the only person who will ever be there for you and also love you the most is yourself. So say Happy Valentines to your self this valentines day.

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