The finding of love


 The finding of passion and love is not one you look for it is one that comes to you. Not long ago i found my self searching for the “one” or “love” but as soon as I began to quit and head straight into full force of career. The ” one” / ” love” came to my door way, at first I though this was a joke ,second I thought no way we are only ” friends”. Well month’s went past and our relationship grew , even thought he knew i was only looking for a friend , I couldn’t handle another lover he found him self into my heart through sweet friendship that grew into a love fantasy .  Each day that past we grow into best friend as if we knew each other for our whole life . It wasn’t love at first site but, as soon as I realized that I loved him the next time I saw him, it was love at first site. There not a moment during the day or night I could image my life without him and I couldn’t even image hurting him for a second. Some days are like it been years and some days are like we just fell in love. But in the end when you want something it doesn’t fall in your lap it when you don’t want it and you don’t expect it to happen, that it does happen.


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