Marriage + video games

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Lets talk about the modern day couple’s, there not a single person I don’t know today that doesn’t enjoy some kind of online playing. But most people are mistaken that married couples don’t enjoy online play or they just don’t have the time to indulge in them. There is a good % of married that playing games on computer like WoW ( World of War craft) and star craft, along with xbox live on games like Halo , Modern warfare on the xbox 360. The balance of personal life ,career and marriage can be hard and is not easy. If your marriage / relationship has good communication skills this is possible. It is also very important in any kind of relationship that you respect each other and understand you both have different interest but, the balance of the relationship is the core of it all. You must be able to balance both party’s of interest and still manage to fulfill their and your own want’s (best tried at the same time if you have a lot in common .) for example a couple I know where at first best friend before their relationship flowered. One year for Christmas she got him a gaming center and he surprised her with a limited edition headset she was dieing for. Both things were both items that each other really wanted and supported each other hobby’s.<


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