Jon Stewart News of yesterday.

With all the bad news and all those interesting riot Jon Stewart interview someone very interesting last night. Judith Miller the author of The Story, at first it all seem like a normal interview the boring questions ” What toke us to war in Iraq?” Jon asked. She replied 9/11. I believe she maybe a report/ journalist  ( not willing to do the research at this time) but just from the start she epically failed, blaming other people for not receiving the proper info and then publishing it. Why would you write an article front page or any page on The New York Times that was very misleading. They continued to talking about the report that Iraq has these tubs and she ” trys” to find out for sure with her “source” of either one or multi people. But what really gets me she says ” This is what makes journalism” as a reply from Jon saying “I disagree with you about your article.” Look lady journalism is not just about disagreeing if you feel that way about writing bad info perhaps you need to be on the news channel? journalism is about writing the TRUTH and the story, most importantly writing about something that matters and bring people together ect.  But what really funny Jon Stewart says “Why didn’t you quote one of your sources? Your sources said that those items are meant for building rockets, ” Jon continued and said your source even said you could name him. and so this lady reply’s. ” I think it got cut for space…” Crowed laughs in the back ground. Judith Miller what a joke of an interview, in other words she takes what people feed her and spreads her lazy truth around. I have never seen such a joke, on The daily show the Jon Stewart before.


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