Jobs Vs Summer

Hi Everyone!

So alittle blog time!! So for the last month I’ve been looking for a job; even thought not what I really wish too do. What I would like too do is working gaming company or working from my computer. But, we know that not going too happen after sending 100s of job applications nothing but, one job interview and I think I blow that one. It been about two week’s and still haven’t heard back. I really suppose I should have called….. if I had saved the number agh! right?! bad bad bad next time save the number you guys! Well besides that I was hoping too go out this weekend but, well yay for husband he wants too stay home….. I should have just left without him and I might just do that next time. Am not getting younger here , that one thing for sure I know. And it not like I haven’t learned life lessons over and over again. Any how that the plans oh! but I was reading and came across this blog that had a few site where you can sell your selfy’s seriously! and few site/app sell your photos which seems more legit. until I was looking at all the recently uploaded photo and like a smack in face I get a nice big photo of someone stuff (you know) the stuff in your pants. I am hoping the seriously deal with that soon!


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