Dear Diary, Part 1

(Please remember this is all fictional)

Dear Diary,

 So today my mom gave me a new diary, I suppose after she burned my last one she fault guilty….I know your my new diary so you may have a concern why, why she had done that . Well, my old dairy was nothing like none other, a binding of bright blue with the solid pink background to it. I had it for sometime …. I think I was about 14 when my little brother gave it too me for my birthday. Well anyhow diary I will make sure you never see such harm but, I cant promise anything.

See after she had got a hold of my diary and ect. She end up sending my too therapy, why you may ask again well, there is a good reason. And maybe not just for my own good but for the whole family. According too my therapist I am too much for a day dreamer . See here the thing not everything about the vampire and werewolves are true. Yes I am a vampire and, yes I do have something in my blood that has them looking all over for me. Am special, see according too PA and Eagle I am half human and vampire nearly never heard off and very rare and women don’t normal survive. See I came home after everything that had happened between the death of Watson and now the big problem with Ann. I have tried too convince my mother that we need too move but, she wont hear off it. Just keeps threatening too send me back too therapy, I have yet too remind her that my 18th birthday is next two days . As much as I would love too continue and say home have a normal college life, am a danger too them. See my mom doesn’t believe anything and best thing too do for my mom and little brother is for me too leave. I don’t want too but, I really don’t have much choice.

     But, on the up hand she is unaware that her new boy friend is  a dear friend of Eagle’s . His name is Danny , he works for Comcast… I know a vampire working for Comcast but he always says ” Why go to college when you have over 200 years worth of knowledge” I always laugh at him , meanwhile my mom just look’s at us, completely lost. See diary I wasn’t about too leave on my birthday and not leave my mom and little brother unprotected. She may never understand and she may never accept the truth but, maybe some day see will see the truth. Anyhow I know you have lots of question’s but, it will have too wait till next time.




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