Dear Diary, Part 2

(Please remember this is all fictional)

Dear Diary,

I am so HAPPY too see you! Today has been insane , I don’t know where too start!! So with only two day left for my birthday you can kinda see it on my mom face that she is up too no good. I may have over hear mom and Danny whispering after diner, not too worried. Tonight I have a meeting with a few of local vampire’s , that when I’ll get it out of Danny. He cant resist me with my big white smile right? I hope not…..but, on the other hand am kinda nerve I haven’t seen Eagle sense I came home and that been almost a year now.

Will he have the same feelings for me that he once did?! Not just that but, Karen I missed the big red head. Sometimes it hard too stay strong between everything that I have lost and some what gained it hard. I keep wanting too talk too someone and tell them everything but, everyone thinks am not expect for those who actually know the truth, those who have been there. On a good note I haven’t received any death threats in last 6 months and Danny was saying that everything is really silent in the community so far. But , that truly does have me concerned is she is anything like her brother then I will have my hands full! Just wait diary when I have time I’ll start from the beginning for you and only you.

Loves, Chantelle


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