Summer heat vs Editing

Hey you guys! so back when I would consider myself new too the editing/ publishing field I always wonder why people use too do their work in coffee shop’s. I think this year I got it down! I understand why you would. First it a great place for ideas right? second ac… no joke I try and not complain about the heat but, when your house heats 100 degrees inside compared too 90 outside you question things. And last but not least coffee, no am not talking hot coffee during the summer heck no! right? no a nice iced coffee with nice ac and a good set of music blasting away. You can get so much work done at least for me… what about you? Any how last night  I seriously can NOT believe I final made it through the last page of major editing for my book. For those who understand what it like to editing a book without handle any outside help I stand with you. Anyhow final did it but, am not done… I wish. I now have too do another run through on paper then transfer it re-read (yay….) then format ect. but, if I keep going the book will be published here in next month no joke. Already have the amazing cover done, which am sure my whole family will be surprised ;P and I hope you will too 🙂 Thank you for all your support you guys!! oh shit i don’t know how but almost lost this whole thing….jeez I think the heat getting too me already.


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