Despite the years going by, doesn’t change what I feel. How I feel, the flame that burns me deep inside. I’ve never met anyone who ever understood or, the same connection I would feel. Deep inside of me that connection has only met it partner once, then it disappeared. Reappearing years later, leaving my soul and connection confused. Everything back, over whelming whispering of power swiping through out my veins. If I dare to connection us whole again, what will happen? Will I fall apart if it disappears again? or will my heart remain as usually. We didn’t get it right the first time, keeping it hidden beyond our own touches. I want too scream out loud, sometimes feels like a dream. Dreaming everything prehaps what I feel is just a misleading. confused, concerning, yet I urge for the connection again. Will this destroy everything I’ve built without you? or will this the last pieces I need to fulfill my heart connection. Thinking doesn’t solve anything, only your kiss will give me the answer of truth. Is it there? or lost within the ocean waves?


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